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About Jennifer

A lifelong singer and actor, Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Northern Kentucky University, with an emphasis in opera and classical studies.  After college graduation she relocated to Los Angeles, where she signed with top talent agency Abrams Artists, and studied with legendary Hollywood acting coach Janet Alhanti.  Jennifer worked as a successful screen actor in LA for many years while continuing her study of singing, this time focusing on musical theatre, her true love and

passion.  While in LA she booked the lead role of Sandy in the International tour of GREASE (a dream role for her!) and spent a year performing throughout Europe.

Upon her return to the US, she and her family moved to beautiful Sonoma County wine country, where Jennifer signed with renowned talent agency Tonry Talent in San Francisco. During her time in Sonoma County Jennifer taught private voice lessons out of her studio for 9 years, served as music director for The Healdsburg School for 6 years, served as vocal coach and assistant music director for both H-Town Youth Theatre and St. Johns Catholic school, and was head vocal instructor for Julie Nation Modeling Academy.  Jennifer loved singing with the Choral Ensemble and worship team at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa, and also performing with Transcendence Theatre Company’s Broadway Under the Stars Concert Series at Jack London State Park.  She also served as Associate Kids Camp Director for Transcendence Theatre Company.  


In her professional career, Jennifer has appeared in an abundance of national television commercials, films and TV shows, and has performed in multitudes of concerts and musicals, both nationally and globally.  Jennifer now resides in San Antonio, TX, where she continues to teach private voice lessons, and has a fulfilling and successful career in performance, modeling and voiceover. She is a proud member of SAG/Aftra, and AEA.



"Jennifer is a consummate artist and an indescribable pleasure of a human being to work with. She is a dedicated singer, actress and performer with skills that are rarely combined and so unified in one individual. I had the joy of being on tour with Jennifer in the European production of GREASE where she starred in the lead role of Sandy. Listening to her sing and perform every night was inspiring to the level of helping me to my own musical work better and more artistically. Jennifer possesses intelligence, razor-accurate pitch, lovely intonation, a soaring soprano range with a rich belt, instinctive phrasing, rhythm and character choices...and the burning desire to improve her already flawless performance for the next night.


But above all, the quality that makes me recommend Jennifer so highly is her ability to infuse any role with a true and soulful humanity - the quality that brings us back to live theater and music again and again, and is universally desired but seldom found.


I recommend her unconditionally.”

Bryan McAdams

International touring keyboardist, associate conductor, composer, arranger and producer (NYC)

"When Jennifer volunteered to direct my first grade classroom's production of Hansel and Gretel Eat Right, I wasn't sure what to expect. What my class received was an amazing experience into the world of theater. Working with young children presents its own set of unique challenges. Jennifer took the time and had the patience to actually teach my students how to sing and act. She spent many hours working with my students individually, in small groups, and the whole class, teaching them how to sing and act on stage. Her production of Hansel and Gretel Eat Right was not only the best elementary school production I've ever seen but I also witnessed a very passionate and professional teacher.”

John Seymour

First Grade Teacher, Mattie Washburn Elementary School

"Jennifer didn't just read the scripts written as online training scenarios, she interpreted them! Her timing is impeccable and her voice gives a character an identifiable personality."

Renee Malone

Chief Experience Officer, Kick the Moon, LLC

"I started taking lessons from Jennifer to prepare for a musical theater role I'd received. I thought a lesson every other week or so might help just a little bit to have some guidance, but I honestly didn't expect a whole lot. I'm a contralto and most people don't really know what to do with women who have low voices.

I showed up at Jenn's house, and despite the fact that I was really nervous, I felt instantly comfortable with her. She's warm and unthreatening: the perfect atmosphere for a voice lesson. And by the time I'd finished my first lesson with her, my voice had audibly changed. She gave clear, simple, and concise directions as to what to do with my mouth, my tongue, my breath, etc. - all of which made a clear difference in the quality of my voice. She seemed to understand what to do with my contralto voice. I had such a good first experience that I decided to take lessons every week instead of every other week.

Now in the several months I've been with her, my voice has improved by leaps and bounds. Within the first 3 weeks, she showed me that I have a much larger range than I thought - I could hit a whole octave and a half above what I thought was possible for my voice. If I hadn't heard myself do it, I wouldn't have believed it. I always leave my lesson feeling like I've really grown and improved; that I've really learned something tangible.

You will love Jenn as your voice teacher. I can't stress how big of a change she has helped me find in my voice!"

Sarah Passemar

Voice Student

"Jennifer Farmer is a tremendous talent, consummate professional and generous actor. In addition to seeing her dazzle audiences both abroad and stateside, I have had the great good fortunate to have worked with Jennifer in the studio, behind the mic and on the stage. She is always prepared. Always. Besides possessing a pure, bell-like voice that transcends a variety of genres, her acting is powerful, dynamic and enthralling. For such a slip of a thing, she dominates the stage from the moment she steps into the spotlight.

When she opened her voice studio in California, I was able to sit in on a few of her student sessions and even work with her myself. What impressed me was her passion for teaching voice. She honestly loves it, going above and beyond to show her support and belief in a student's abilities. I believe her own past vocal challenges have made her beautifully sensitive to working with students of all ages and abilities. She truly has a gift for it.

Any company, theater, school or performance venue would be lucky to have her. I strongly recommend Jennifer Farmer."

Leah Frederick

Voice actor and recording artist

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