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Treasurer's Briefcase
Voice of "Trudy")


Hopelessly Devoted to You
from the musical Grease)

Should I Be Sweet?
from the musical Take A Chance)

Part of Your World
from the musical The Little Mermaid)

from the musical The Baker's Wife)

Nobody's Heart Belongs To Me
from the musical By Jupiter)

Vocal Coaching

Jennifer offers private lessons to students of all ages. With the ability to work in-person or remotely, her goal is to give students a broader appreciation of music and to build confidence in themselves and their musical performance. She uses breathing and vocal techniques and exercises that help aspiring singers to produce a healthy sound that is uniquely their own. Jennifer also strives to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere for students to fully express their potential.


Tuition is $40 for a 30 minute lesson and $75 for a full hour lesson.


A half hour lesson is suitable for the beginner with little or no previous experience studying voice. An hour lesson is advised for the more accelerated student who has previous vocal training and/or musical study, and who is seeking to build their vocal repertoire and learn more advanced vocal techniques.